Amaroo Childcare Centre

Gungahlin ACT

  • Landscape Architecture,  Accessible Playground Design
  • Client: ACT Education Directorate 
  • Project Value: $100,000 
  • Project Timeline: 2015-2016
  •  Media/ awards

SPACELAB were engaged to create a fully accessible, engaging playspace for the Amaroo Childcare Centre.  The design focuses on natural play opportunities for smaller groups of children.


Within each of the play areas SPACELAB designed  soft grassed areas, sandpits with shade structures, small weave poles, play rocks, planting and opportunities for outdoor learning spaces. In addition there are play-swales and talking pipes.

Ground planting throughout the play area is designed to be tactile, seasonal and low maintenance, whilst a canopy of deciduous and evergreen trees will ensure year round screening, summer shade and winter light.