Googong North Village Centre

Googong: NSW

  • Statutory Planning, Development Assessment, Consultation.
  • Client: IQon Projects
  • Project Value: $35m
  • Project Timeline: 2015 to 2016 
  • Media/Awards: Googong Village Update

SPACELAB were engaged by IQon Pty Ltd as planning consultant to prepare a Neighbourhood Structure Plan and to submit a Development Application to Queanbeyan City Council (QCC) seeking planning consent for the development of the mixed-use Neighbourhood Centre in Googong North (‘Neighbourhood 1A’). The development consists of ground floor retail and commercial space, with 20 apartments above and basement parking as well as a supermarket, community centre and childcare facility.


SPACELAB's assessment and planning process included detailed first-hand site analysis identifying opportunities and constraints to inform urban planning. Extensive pre-DA discussions with Council enabled SPACELAB and the project architects to communicate and agree with Council on supportable principles and design philosophy.