Lyneham High School Frontage Upgrade

  • Landscape Architecture, Tree Assessment, Consultation
  • Client- ACT Government Education and Training Directorate
  • Project Value - $1.5m
  • Project Timeframe- 2013
  • Media

SPACELAB was engaged to reburbish the frontage of 6 nominated high schools in the ACT, one being Lyneham High School. SPACELAB conducted tree assessment and management studies and interviewed the school’s principal and maintenance staff to determine how people currently use space at the front of the school and how the area can be improved.


We reviewed and considered everything from student pick up and drop off, to bicycle parking, refurbishment of signage, and emergency vehicle access. Conceptual design was an ongoing process with review and approval by the school and its parent’s association. The final concept resulted in a contemporary paved plaza at the main enty area that transitioned into a mature oak walkway, to the teacher’s carpark.


The plaza was designed with WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) tree pits surrounded by perforated concrete seat walls to allow tree pit water collection. Seat walls were also incorporated along the mature oak walkway to break up the length of the space and add sculptural interest.  The school’s front fencing was redesigned as a perspex fence with angular top profile that showcases the building’s signature arced buttresses and contrasts the mass plantings.