North Coombs and North Wright


  • Urban Planning and design
  • Client: Suburban Land Agency (SLA)
  • Total Project Value: Ongoing
  • Project Timeline: 2016 - Current
  • Media/ Awards: 

Although being part of Molonglo Stage 1, North Coombs and North Wright remained undeveloped for years due to significant constraints.  These constraints included infrastructure and topographic limitations. In 2016, SPACELAB, as part of the Cardno team, were commissioned by the Suburban Land Agency (SLA) to provide urban planning and landscape design services for North Coombs and North Wright. As part of this engagement, SPACELAB produced a concept plan to determine block orientation and solar compliance and to ensure the yield was maximised. The service also included negotiation with EPSDD and lodgement of a Technical Amendment to the Coombs and Wright Concept Plan. The major outcome of this Technical Amendment was to reduce the area of CFZ – Community Facility from 2 ha to 0.5 ha and subsequent yield increase in North Wright.

SPACELAB’s input into the EDP included the production of planning drawings, Landscape Master Plans and Tree Management Plans. Our engagement continued during 2017 with the detailed design and documentation of the landscape works.

This project involved negotiation of planning outcomes with approving entities.  This improved the project feasibility through mutually agreed relaxations of planning requirements, which subsequently resulted in increased block yield.