Woden Cemetery



  • Client: Calibre Group
  • Total Project Value: $n/a
  • Project Timeline: 2017
  • Media/ Awards: 
Woden Cemetery Master Plan

SPACELAB provided Woden Cemetery with designs to expand the lawn and monumental sections into adjoining open space.


The impressive concentric layout of the existing cemetery was a key driver to inform the new design. Road and path networks were extended off the existing layout to provide a seamless transition into the new area.


SPACELAB worked with the broader stakeholders of the cemetery to assess the current needs for each religious demographic and provide a layout that gave enough space to provide burial options into the future.


Ashes memorials were also considered as part of the concept, selecting locations close to existing trees to provide shade and a quiet place for reflection. Feature landscape elements such as pergolas and seating were also incorporated for future ashes gardens.