Northbourne Oval

Braddon: ACT

  • Master Planning, Landscape Masterplanning 
  • Urban Design, Community Consultation.
  • Client: Canberra District Rugby League
  • Total Project Value: $70 mil
  • Project Timeline: 2016 - ongoing
  • Media/ Awards: Community consultation website
Section 30 Braddon 1

Canberra District Rugby League engaged SPACELAB to undertake urban design, master planning and community consultation services for Block 5 & 6 Section 30 Braddon.

The development of the master plan took an innovative approach to the site. It let the inherent historical character and features of the Northbourne Oval area shine, while offering prospective buyers architecture for today’s market. SPACELAB commissioned two architects with different styles and who respectively specialised in multi-unit and townhouse design. This gave an outcome of variety - one of the principles for good urban design. The landscape architecture unifies the assortment of built environments around birch forest and planting. The elevated central park enhances views to Mount Ainslie. Buyers are offered courtyards that look over the Oval, increasing the liveability and desirability of the location by creating a unique feel for a place in Canberra. SPACELAB's involvement includes:
- extensive community consultation, including the development of a website dedicated to communicating the master planning
and urban design process -;
- consideration of the public experiance, external to the site's future residents, including upgrades to pedestrian networks around the site;
- addressing the historical and heritage aspects of the site to produce a robust and timeless design;
- coordination with a variety of housing options, focusing on public amenity and access to nearby services and facilities.


"Spacelab were engaged to reconsider the masterplan already prepared for an existent development application on the neighbouring site, which was also being redesigned by a new architectural team. One of our most significant concerns was the interface between the goal kicking area of the rugby league oval and the potential for ball travel to impact upon residential units. The process by Spacelab to investigate these issues and present potential solutions was well resolved and tied in very well with the wider masterplan.  Spacelab's outcome resolved our concerns and will ensure the functionality of the oval well into the future"

Simon Hawkins CEO Canberrra District Rugby League.