Hilltop Reserve

Crace: ACT

  • Landscape Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Heritage, Playgrounds, Art, Education
  • Client: Canberra Investment Corporation
  • Project Value: $12m
  • Project Timeline 2009-2014
  • Media/awards: Crace wins best Masterplanned Community 

The Crace Stage 2 Hilltop Reserve is the largest parkland in Crace at 7.5 hectares and offers sweeping views across Canberra to the Brindabella Ranges from its elevated location. The natural assets of the site provided extensive design opportunity and inspiration, these included the existing grasslands, large remnant trees (some of which are of exceptional value), eroded water courses, evidence of the sites' history and a vast array of native fauna that live in the reserve.


SPACELAB's design is a flowing path of continual discovery linking numerous places of activity, education, relaxation and reflection. This path takes you from a sculpture garden to learning playgrounds to sweeping views and the solitude of the Memorial to the Battle of the Coral sea, and then a winding pathway to a thriving and welcoming community garden.