Garema Place Pop Up Park

Civic, ACT

  • SPACELAB expertise: Project Management, Temporary Event Landscape Design, Public open space design, community consultation, planting design, Access and mobility.
  • Client: Transport Canberra City Services 
  • Project value $
  • Project timeline 2018
  • Media
Garema Place Web 2

SPACELAB were engaged as the project manager and landscape architect for a temporary springtime pop up park. The micro park formed a pilot project to determine how the public would react and use temporary public amenities within the urban open space of Canberra.

SPACELAB met with the winning design entrant, a local family, to discuss their concept for “The Grounds of Garema,” a 30 msq micro park where people could pause, interact, and enjoy a piece of “hyper real” nature in the city.

Our role was to visualise preferred materials and develop construction details with our nominated contractor, Glascott Landscape and Civil. Our 3D model of the space enabled us to present a measured and priced version of the concept sketch to the ACT Government. As project managers, we coordinated the expectations of all stakeholders while keeping the project on time and within budget. The project began in August, was installed in Garema Place by November, before moving to Woden Library the following month.


Key elements of SPACELAB’s design and planning for this project included:

-Developing and delivering on a a strict delivery timeline;
-Providing design advice and detailing for temporary, and whimsical landscape features which could withstand varying weather, potential vandalism, and installation, storage, and relocation;
-Creating a bridge between industry professionals and the public: which required translation of design terms into language that everyone could understand;
-Participation in the panel review of the initial concepts to determine buildability and transparency of concepts against the public’s design brief;
-Managing expectations of final product delivery while keeping within the predetermined project budget including consultant and contractor fees.