Neighbourhood 2 Tree Assessment

Googong Township NSW

  • SPACELAB expertise: arborist report, tree assessment , tree management plans
  • Client: Googong Township Pty Ltd 
  • Project value $15000
  • Project timeline 2014
  • Media

SPACELAB’s arborists have carried out tree assessments on over 10,000 trees across a variety of projects from small residential projects through to large land estates or urban renewal areas.  We can provide a detailed report on the species, health, height, canopy and value of any tree against numerous council or planning requirements across NSW and the ACT.


If we are also engaged for Masterplanning /Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture for the assessment area, we can very smoothly incorporate all 3 disciplines for the best outcome.


The tree assessment for Googong Neighbourhood 2 Structure Plan included data sheets for 128 trees. Each sheet included a clear image of the tree and all relevant assessment criteria. A sheet was created for each tree and each tree grouping assessed.
Along with the data sheets, tree management plans were documented. These plans outlined protection recommendations and measures for existing trees on site. The assessment and tree management plans provided recommendations for land use planning and development for the associated urban development area of Googong.
The assessment identified trees to determine value for future urban parks or native woodlands, the affect (positive or negative) on urban planning block yields and pathways, including support for removal of lower value trees, to ensure the retention of the best trees, and the best urban design outcomes.